Ransom ware, spyware, virus and spyware removal

How It Works

PC Pro's Now uses a secure remote tool to remotely view your computer—downloaded right over the Internet with your permission—this will allow our certified technicians to find and repair issues on your computer that may be affecting speed, performance, and how well your system works in general.

100% Safe and Secure

How safe is remote support? It's very safe now days. It also depends on the remote support application that is being used and the technician behind it. All of our technician's are certified and background checked for added security purposes. PC Pro's Now only uses the safe and secure TeamViewer application. This application is used by regular customers to fortune 500 companies. 

We have two versions available for download:

  • One that requires install, but we can't access your machine without your two-factor authentication.(Monthly Subscriber's)
  • One that is a one time use that requires no installation, but also requires the two-factor authentication.(One time buyers).
  • View our Security and Privacy Information that explains the security behind the application we use. Visit our Security and Privacy page. 

The one time use TeamViwer program is used for those who may be concerned about further access to their machine after we repair your computer and since it is not installed you don't have to worry about any tech having any future access. The application doesn't record anything or access any files. It just allows us to see your desktop remotely while in your presence.

This application includes access protection, two-factor authentication and data encryption. If our tech don't have your ID and password(The password which changes each time its opened) assures that our tech can't access your computer in the after your session or in the future. 

Free Diagnosis, No Credit Card Required

The diagnosis portion from PC Pro's Now is 100% free and no credit card is required. This free diagnosis will include scanning your computer for issues that may be causing slow performance, crashes, and instability. All you have to do is order the service you want online and a technician will call you OR Call 866-418-1327 for your free diagnostic and make the payment afterwards.

Available Support Options:

  1. Order online or call us directly at 866-418-1327
  2. Pay as you go or Pay monthly. 
  3. If we fix your issue, we generate an invoice that you pay online after your issue is fixed. Our site is safe, secure and PCI complaint for credit cards payments.
PC Repair Warrantee

No Fix, No Pay Guarantee

After your free diagnostic, you’ll be given the option for us to fix the issue, if one is found. Once we find the issue, we will be able to start repairing issues with your computer in minutes--including the removal of viruses, spyware, and other online threats! If we can't fix the issue or  it requires a hands-on repair you will not be invoiced or billed. We can also refer you to a good reliable company in your local area unless we serve that area. That's it! No Fix, No Pay! We won't leave your machine in any worse shape than it was already in before we worked on it.

No Shipping

The software download via our chat window and everything happens online with you watching. There’s never a need for you to go to a repair store if your computer has an active internet connection. If you're located in the Tampa Bay area, we can help you locally. In most cases we can fix 90% of computer issues over the internet.


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